Superior Bleeding Control Program

Presenting an online, highly engaging, eLearning experience for Community Responders and Emergency Service Providers.

Warning:This video contains graphic content.

Community Responders

Actions taken by community members in emergent situations save lives. Develop the essential skills you need to accurately perform emergency response skills in life-threatening situations.

Emergency Service Providers

Refine your advanced bleeding control techniques, and learn how to partner with community responders to support smooth transitional care on scene.

Everyone Can Be A First Responder

The term "first responder" used to only apply to trained professionals but with recent events across the globe, this term includes bystanders, citizens, and involved participants who happened to be present in an emergency situation. Empowerment through training in life saving skills is the goal of this program.

The Superior Bleeding Control Program was designed for the purpose of providing the best quality training, when it comes to the assessment and treatment of hemorrhaging wounds, in any setting.
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